If you happen to encounter having a vehicle breakdown on the road, it is a must to look for safe places while waiting for roadside assistance. Otherwise, you could be placing yourself and the people with you in massive danger. Naturally, roads are hazardous, hence, the danger of being in an accident considerably increases when you are within a location that’s not safe while waiting for roadside assistance. Guarantee to prioritize your safety first by refraining from going into these unsafe locations while waiting for help:

On the road

The moment you observe that’s something’s not right with your vehicle, it is highly suggested to pull off the road as soon as you can. You really need to escape from oncoming traffic because once you are stuck in the middles of the road, it could be a major risk for your safety. Moreover, you should always attempt to pull off the right-hand side and into the emergency lane, shoulder, or even totally off the road if you can.

Right beside your vehicle

Standing outside your car and calling for assistance is highly discouraged as it could be extremely hazardous. As you wait for assistance, you must never stand behind/in front or directly next to your car because other drivers might never see you and could possibly hit you or your vehicle. This scenario could possibly be horrendous once you get clipped by another vehicle. It would be advisable to wait for the assistance inside your car or go outside and walk farther the road.

Outside the vehicle on a freeway

The kind of road you break down on would greatly affect how dangerous or safe it would be to wait for roadside assistance. For example, when you break down on a highway, it could be more challenging to pull over as the approaching traffic moves much rapidly compared to other roads. In this case, you must never go outside of your car to wait for assistance. You might feel unsecured breaking down amidst the highway, however, the danger of being hit by a speeding vehicle would be increased if you decide to go outside. So, always remember to wait for any assistance in your car if you happen to be in this case.

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