1st Network Software Stadio

1st Ip Port Scanner Features

1.Superior scanning speed
To speed up scan, we don't just use multi-threads technology simply. In fact, we make the scan parallel. For example, when we send a ICMP Request message, we don't just wait for the ICMP reply message as usual, but we continue sending other ICMP messages until the first reply message back. Not only Ping but also port scan use this method to obtain the highest speed with the lowest resources consumed.

2.Trace route
With 1st Ip Port Scanner, you won't have to trace route one by one. When you insert the hosts, you can set whether they need to be traced and 1st Ip Port Scanner will complete the task in one time.

3.Dynamic adjust host name lookup speed
To balance the resources consumed in the whole scan, host name lookup speed are adjusted dynamic. At first, only one thread make host name lookup. With the developing of scan, more thread will started. When all other tasks have completed, the number of thread will be up to the max according to the setting.

4.friendly and strong interface
1st Ip Port Scanner could scan different ports of different hosts in one time. 1st Ip Port Scanner also show the whole scan process in the right-bottom view. Scan Setting and Reults are showed in tree-style. It is very clear and you can find infomatin easily.


1st in search of the perfect bikini

Choosing the bikini or swimsuit for our most flattering silhouette is not always easy. This garment bathroom, created in 1946 by Frenchman Louis Reard, comes in many styles, colors, and shapes that make it more difficult choice

It may impose the trikini fashion model or bandeau bra is the last hit of the summer, but to make the right choice and feel safe to step on the sand is important to know your body

What if I have little chest What if my hips are wide? How I can hide the belly? Thanks to image consulting, we can apply simple styling tricks to find the perfect bikini with which to enhance our most beautiful and neutralize those body parts we like less

About the Bra :

Bandeau bra or bustier, it tends to flatten the chest and provides amplitude. The model neckline is recommended to enhance breast

Halter neck bra enhances the bust and shoulders. It is recommended for low birth breasts.

Bra with wide straps, V neckline and separated by a ring is very flattering for voluminous breasts, especially if you have reinforcement

On the braguita

The panties with bow power hips. It is not advisable when looking neutralize this area

Panty-waist or high waist helps neutralize the belly area. It is a recommended model to cover the belly

The low-cut panties help stylize leg legs.

Hourglass silhouette
If your shoulders and your hips are online and your defined waist, you’re in luck because you have an hourglass silhouette, considered the “ideal silhouette”.
bathroom hourglass
Recommendation : You have a sinuous outline and very feminine. Any type of bikini you favors and we recommend you go looking for one that enhances your curves Do you dare with trikini or retro bikini?
silhouette triangle
If your shoulders are narrower than your hips, you are a triangle shape. The goal is to find the bikini to help neutralize the amplitude of hip.
triangle bathing suit
Recommendation: You should pay attention to the bikini bottom. Opt for a dark – colored panties without color contrast and linearly. Avoid ruffles.
Inverted triangle silhouette
Unlike the previous one, if you have the hips wider than shoulders, your figure is an inverted triangle. The goal is to smooth bikini breadth of shoulders.
Inverted triangle bathing suit
Recommendation: pay close attention to the bikini top. Opting for a bra with V neckline Avoid bright colors and prints with contrast. Reserve for panty. The panty may take some flyer or detail to provide some volume.
rectangular silhouette
If your shoulders and hips are online and have no defined waist, you’re a rectangular shape. The aim is to smooth lines and mark your waist.
rectangular bath
Recommendation: bikini panties with bow and triangle bra. You can opt for a bikini with ruffles and trikini. The sinuous forms will be your allies.
oval silhouette
If your shoulders, hips and waist are rounded silhouette that defines you is the oval. The goal is to win structuring bikini.
oval bath
Recommendation: bikini straight lines and colors in range. We must avoid ruffles and bikinis very sinuous lines.The swimsuit also provide structuring and slenderness to your figure. Please visit this  fitshop bikinis for more tips and details

Supreme list of software/tools for SEO

All tools that may be useful for SEO SEO whether or not they are here. Use them carefully.

Find the tools for SEO from the seo company bangkok that fit our needs can sometimes be a rather frustrating task when you think you’ve found a tool that looks like it is made for you you discover that there is another that works much betterand also, or is cheaper or it is easier to use, or worse, in a blog it is shown that the data provided are not entirely reliable.

After a time using different tools I have come to two conclusions:

  1. All the information that we provide these tools can be found on our own, but simply a tool that reduces a process by 10% and worth.
  2. All good tools offer more or less the same information only with small differences and painted another color, the end is a matter of taste.

Then I leave a complete list of tools that perform functions necessary in the daily life of an SEO:

  1. Suites
  2. Backlink analysis
  3. On-site analysis
  4. Analysis of keywords
  5. Ranking of keywords
  6. link Building
  7. Various
  8. Plug-ins for the browser


    • MOZ (fee from $ 99 per month)

Allows you to create different campaigns in which you can analyze thesearch engine ranking , analysis of the links of competition, analysis on-site your web, analysis of relevant social networks and link your Google Analytics to compare traffic with your different keywords.

    • Raventools (fee from $ 99 per month)

Keywords ranking analysis, monitor the relevance in social networks, on-site analysis, PPC campaign tracking, analysis of competition and creating custom reports.

    • WebCEO (fee from $ 49 per month)

It has two versions: online and to download to your computer. It allows you to track the ranking of keywords, on-site analysis (which includes detecting broken link and number of keywords on your pages) and search keywords.

    • Colibri (fee from $ 15 per month)

Very visual and intuitive. This tool allows keywords ranking analysis, reports links to your web, competitive analysis, search keywords as your traffic and difficulty and link your Google Analytics traffic to make comparisons with your different keywords.

    • Webseo (fee, $ 29 the first month, the following 79 $ per month)

Perhaps the most services: keywords ranking analysis, analysis of links to your site, search for keywords by traffic and difficulty finding duplicate content analysis of URLs, HTML and indexed pages; and competitive analysis (positioning, links and relevance)

    • Google Webmaster Tools (free)

This is bound use, besides being free offers a number of valuable information and other tools can not offer is a “direct connection” with Google: analysis ranking keywords, domain configuration (preferred domain, URL blocking and change of address), study of the health domain (tracking errors, statistics tracking and indexing status), on-site analysis, link analysis (internal and external) and list of search terms on Google.

    • Link-Assitant (free)

This tool must download it to your computer. To analyze the ranking of keywords, study the competition and analyze on-site SEO of your website. In the free version you can access all functions but you can not save the campaigns.

    • SEMRush (fee, $ 69.95 per month)

It allows analysis of ranking keywords, analyze SEM campaigns of your competitors, search and analysis of possibilities of keywords and make custom reports.

    • Traffic Travis (fee, $ 44 per month)

It has two versions: paid and free (both to download to your computer), the difference is that in the free number results in limited (very limited). Very visual and easy to use, allows on-site analysis of your website, view the status of the links to your site, do competitive analysis and monitoring the rankings of keywords.

    • Positionly (payment, dede 19 € per month)

Positionly is a monitoring tool search results, simple, with search competition and integration with external addons.

    • Majestic SEO (fee, $ 39.99 per month)

Simple and comprehensive, and offers a comprehensive list of links to the URL it gives you the anchor text, the date that was detected and the value of the page that has the link (Pagerank and Alexa). It has two types of information: historical links and last detected links.

    • Open Site Explorer (fee from $ 99 per month)

My favorite. Very easy to use and very visual. View the status of the links ( nofollow , with 301 redirect, etc), the anchor text and provenance; but besides this, also it provides data on the page you are looking for(domain authority, page authority and relevance in social networks) and a comparison of up to 5 different pages.

    • Ahrefs (fee from $ 79 per month)

Permitting all very interesting but added: historical links, facilitates the day that have been created and / or deleted links; plus a small on-site analysis. In its free version it allows 15 visits / day per user makes.


    • Google Analytics (free)

What else can be said about this tool, if you have a web you have to have it installed. This tool gives you endless data: traffic, traffic sources, conversions, landing pages and etc. infinite. Mandatory use.

    • Google Pagespeed (free)

Very useful, it provides a complete list of possible improvements toimprove the speed of your page , grouped according to their importance.

    • Xenu (free)

Used to find broken links to your website and within it, with a horrible design, repeat HORRIBLE , this tool is simple but it works very well.

    • WooRank (payment, from 36 € per month)

It is a tool focused on SEO give you feedback on your site; although it has backlink information, visits, traffic and competition, the biggest difference is that competition gives you feedback regarding marketing plan of your website.

    • Screaming Frog (free)

A very comprehensive tool to download to your computer. It offers a lot of data on-site enormous: broken links, duplicate content, external links, anchor text links, number of H1, H2, etc labels; image information, indexing errors (404, 500, etc.), status of meta-tags, file sizes, labels state title, description and keywords and file analysis robots.txt . It also has a tool to easily create file robots.txt .

    • Microsoft IIS SEO toolkit (free)

It offers possible improvements to improve loading speed of your page, grouped according to their importance.

    • Pingdom (free)

a test loading speed on a given page ago, the great thing about this tool online is a graph showing the loading speed of each of the elements of the page.

    • SEO Browser (free)

This tool shows you the web page as like Google would see a robot, that is, text only.

    • BROWSEscreen (free)

View a page eliminating all stylesheets of it. It also allows highlight internal, external and links nofollow .

    • Copyscape (free)

Used to detect duplicate content of a page in the rest of the web, very useful for blogs.

    • Server Density (fee from $ 99 per month)

This program notifies you via SMS or e-mail when your server is saturated or when it reaches a number of visits yourself specify.

    • Domain Age Tool (free)

It shows the age of the domains that you specify.

    • Quicksprout (free)

It is a tool that at a glance gives you an analysis of your web time loading, code errors. There are many points that are not covered, and elements that may appear as errors but was not, but in general can be a good point of contact with a new website.


    • Ubbersuggest (free)

Choose a language, enter a word and this tool provides you with hundreds of variants for that word.

    • Google Keyword Planner (free)

This tool gives you hundreds of ideas for a given word, and competition of them and the number of local and global monthly searches.

    • Wordtracker (fee from $ 69 per month)

When you enter a word it gives you a list of related words and words directly related to it, as well as the number of searches and competition.

    • Concentrate (fee from $ 39 per month)

This tool is designed to improve SEO traffic through Long-Tail terms.Analyzes traffic and keyword competition with the same pattern (cheap eg. Restaurants in [City]) shows the relationship between different keywords, suggests hundreds of variations for the same keyword and create filters to know how users search through successions of keywords or keywords.

    • Google Trends (free)

Displays and makes estimates of trends in search of a word and its variations, also allows comparisons between different words.

    • Google Correlate (free)

When entering a keyword shows you what the variations of that word is more related to it, as well as a historical line that compares the relationship of the word and the related to it.


Before starting with the list say that most already have a built suites such tool, which not many that are unique for this purpose.

    • Authority Labs (fee from $ 49 per month)

Perhaps it is the best tool is (almost) exclusive ranking of keywords. It allows you to split the keywords for campaigns to make comparisons between them, so that you know which is the one with better performance.

    • Google (free)

This is the easiest way to know the position of a word is to look yourself is Google, of course when you have hundreds of keywords it becomes a little exasperating.

    • MOZ Rank tracker (fee from $ 99 per month)

This tool allows us to know the position in which a given for one or more specific searches web is. We can choose between the three major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo!) and among a host of countries.

    • SEOBook Rank Checker (free)

It is a plugin for Firefox, allows tracking of keywords that we introduce for domains indicate.


    • Whitespark (fee from $ 16 per month)

Google increasingly gives more signals about the importance of mentions locally . This tool allows you to very easily and quickly find references, both yours and your competitors. You can search by keyword mentions, or by phone.

    • Talk Walker Alerts (free)

The perfect replacement for Google Alerts. You can create alerts warning you of the important things every day ; these can duplicate the same alerts to warn you, whether important or not, once a week.

    • Link Detective (free)

This tool provides a dramatically the way a profile links is analyzed, uploading a CSV file (if you have Open Site Explorer can upload your competitors) creates a visual “report” which divides the links by type : broken links, images, banners, text, etc.

    • Outdated Content Finder (free)

This online tool helps you find outdated content. Its sole function is to search for the keyword that you specify between the dates that interest you. What could you do in Google but is simpler as well 🙂

    • Image Raider (free)

This tool reverse image search tells us when an image itself is published on external websites. Ideal for monitoring own images, computer graphics and graphic resources, see if we link and on this basis build relationships or request a link.

    • Buzzstream (fee from $ 29 per month)

It is a CRM for link building and contact detection and influencers.Basically, try to simplify and make easier all contact and relationship building entails link.

    • Rapportive (free)

Rapportive is a tool that links the email accounts of your contacts with their profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Skype, along with some additional relevant data. In short, it gives you more information about who is, and where do you think the people you write when you do link building is, and this is a huge plus.

    • Boomerang (free)

When you devote to link building, it is normal to send mails on weekends or odd hours. Boomerang lets you create your e-mails are sent on the date and time you set to look like a normal person.


    • Google Snippet Preview (free)

A simple way to check how a Google would result from a title, URL and description. Useful to explain these fields to a layman in SEO, or visually check for new titles and descriptions.

    • Screenfly (free)

This tool lets you quickly check how your website looks on different devices (computers, tablets, phones and TVs) with different resolutions.

    • Screenqueri (free)

It shows the appearance of a web page for different screen sizes of tablets, phones and computers. Very useful to check a responsive design .

    • Wayback Machine (free)

It lets see how were the websites over time. Enter a URL and immediately shows you a calendar with different past versions of the web (see how Google was in 1999 is rather curious)

    • Sitemap Generator (free)

Sitemaps generator, easy to use and with many useful features like ignoring parameters URLs or file types that you specify.

    • XML Sitemaps Generator (free)

Another generator Sitemaps, easier to use and without the ability to exclude URLs or files. Limited to 500 pages, so if your site has more pages, decántate previous.

    • Alexa (free)

Check the Alexa Ranking, the number of links, the most commonly used search terms and demographics of visitors.

    • Klout (free)

Linking accounts you have in social networks (Facebook and Twitter mainly) measures the influence you have.

    • IE Tester (free)

It lets see how a web page looks in different versions of Internet Explorer.

    • Browsera (free)

In addition to show you how a web page looks different browsers, this tool also locates Javascript errors you have on your page.

    • Stack Browser (surcharge)

It shows how a web page looks in different types of browsers and operating systems.

    • What is Hosted on That IP (free)

With this little tool you can know which domains are hosted on an IP range.


    • Broken Link Checker (Chrome)

Quickly scan all the links on a page, finding broken links.

    • SEO Toolbar (Firefox)

Information Pagerank, links, domain age and location.

    • Path Redirect Checker (Chrome)
    • Web Developer ( Chrome and Firefox )

This plug-in is absolutely essential (the memos for me). If I had to list all of its functions would need 40 posts like this; with it you can analyze almost anything from a web, from the meta tag and images to the CSS and Javascript. It also has a section with links to useful online tools.

    • MOZ Toolbar (Chrome)

The Plug-in MOZ, highlights the links follow or not follow, it indicates the domain age, location, link profile and its attributes.

    • Yahoo! YSlow (Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera)

Does a speed test the page, quickly shows really useful information about which slows down the loading speed of your website.

    • Word Count (Chrome)

Count the number of words and characters in a selected text.

I hope you have been helpful this list. If you use some other tool that is not on this list do not hesitate to share it with everyone.

10 movies that every programmer should see

10 películas que todo programador debería ver

I was looking for films related to programming and results that I found several, some more related to the programming than others but very interesting to see. I want to recommend putlocker as an ideal site for you to enjoy movies in HD.

1 Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcsT1aDc77c

Silicon Valley is a region of California where they settle, from the Decade of the 1980s, many new companies related to computer science and new technologies. “Pirates of Silicon Valley” recounts, with real names, Apple and Microsoft companies through its founders principles: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s Apple, and Bill Gates and Paul Allen as the founders of Microsoft. Creators of two of the largest multinational in the world of computers and software today in day, this entertaining telefilm shows the beginnings of these young people with enormous talent but not too good character.In addition, this story of fiction had some controversy on its release, because it clearly states that Gates and Allen (of Microsoft) copied Macintosh for its Windows operating system.

2. the social network (2010)


A night of autumn of the year 2003, Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg), student of Harvard and the programming genius, sits in front of your computer and begins to develop a new idea: TheFacebook. What started in one dormitory room soon became a revolutionary social network. Six years and 500 million friends later, Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in history. But the success brought this young entrepreneur also personal and legal complications, especially the accusation that stole the idea from some students of the same University, and his turbulent relationship with Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield), his old friend and co-founder of Facebook.

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5pZRb-Qa-U

3 Jobs (2013)


Biography of Steve Jobs (1955-2011), the entrepreneur more important in the United States and co-founder of Apple, which focuses mostly on his early years as creator and businessman. You only need one person to start a revolution. The film tells the epic and turbulent history of Jobs as it opened a path that technology – and the world – forever changed.

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oB40tPra3Rk

4 WarGames / WarGames (1983)


David is a computer expert able to leapfrog more advanced security systems and decipher more hermetic and secret codes. But his game is complicated when inadvertently connects your computer to the of the Department of Defense American, in charge of the nuclear defense system. Thus triggers a hardly controllable situation. With the help of his girlfriend and another great computer attempt, in a race against time, avoid World War III.

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OyoNR4kiJ0

5. Matrix (1999)


A pirate programmer gets one day a mysterious visitor… Nothing more should have the synopsis of Matrix. Moreover, if he has not yet seen it, don’t let anyone tell you to what is Matrix. Because much of the worldwide success of this fascinating and entertaining film is based on his original screenplay, amazing idea – robotic solipsism – product of the technological age in which we live. If to this we move together his revolutionary aesthetic – with spectacular and exciting scenes of action never before seen in the gender-, we have why the consecration of this dazzling fantastic tape as the higher end of century cult film. Maybe that it is obsolete in a few years, but by then already nothing will make us forget the day we discover what is Matrix… and that Carrie-Anne Moss inlaid in leather, authentic ice – cold burning-the sexiest heroine of these cyber times.

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRuDS0wcnW8

6 plot the network / Antitrust (2001)


MILO (Ryan Phillippe), a young genius, has turned into one of the best computer in the world. In the garage of his home, develops technology that aspire to the largest companies in the world: a revolutionary software that allows the link of all forms of digital communication, through a single power supply. When Milo is about to achieve his dream, gets a tempting offer: money, resources, and endless possibilities offered by Gary Winston (Tim Robbins), the head of N.U.R.V., a millionaire and powerful software company, on deck.

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3TwIJjyjPM

7 Hackers (1995)

10 películas que todo programador debería ver

You can break any code and enter any system. Normally they are teenagers, but now under the supervision of the authorities. They are hackers. Zero Cool, name Dadee Murphy, is a legend among of its class. In 1988 he brought down from 1.507 computers on Wall Streeet and authorities banned him touch a keyboard until he was 18 years old.

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ql1uLyuWra8

8 TRON (1982)


A hacker is divided into molecules and transported to the guts of a computer in which an evil program controlled behaviors at your leisure.

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fSUos8x73I

9 Sneakers (1992)


Martin Bishop, a genius of computers, is the leader of a group specialised in the maintenance of the security systems of large companies. One day he is forced to work for a secret agency that commissioned the theft of a black box. Soon find out that this box has the ability to decode any encryption system and that the agency that hired him is not state.

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbJpx_6fYgE

10 Gamer (2009)


In the future, in a game called Slayers, one of the participants can control millions of human beings through the multiplayer system. In the “Slayer” game and spectacle are wrapped in a scary hybrid. Humans controlled by humans on a large scale, network games where people represent people forever. Mind control technology has spread, and the heart of that controversial and hiperviolento game is its creator, billionaire Ken Castle (Michael C. Hall). His latest creation is a game of shooting in first person, allowing you to project the wildest fantasies of each to a global audience, using real prisoners as avatars who fight to the death. But Kable (Gerard Butler), a powerful Warrior controlled by the young Simon, will try to free itself and the rest of the world players…

Error ‘software’ compromises security on the Internet

OpenSSL encryption method has committed since 2012 to two-thirds of the websites

Internet companies today rushed to patch their systems after being alerted of a serious error of software in the OpenSSL encryption method that since 2012 has seriously compromised the safety of two – thirds of existing web pages.

The ruling, dubbed “heartbleed” was located by engineers from Google and cybersecurity company Codenomicon last week. On Monday night OpenSSL makers unveiled the problem while released an update that solves it .

The vulnerability goes back to the OpenSSL version 1.0.1 released on March 14, 2012 and also affects the version 1.0.1f.

According to the page created to explain the data incident, Heartbleed.com, the error put within reach of any hacker access to units of private and protected information hosted on servers that will use OpenSSL, security encryption widespread use on the Internet.

“Your social network, the website of your company, e – commerce, your cryptanalyst salary, the page from which you install a software government or even pages it might have been vulnerable to OpenSSL” indicated in Heartbleed.com. To that list we must add emails, instant messaging and private communication networks (VPN).

Yahoo today announced that it had put a patch this bug after appearing as one of the pages were still exposed, according to a classification developed by GitHub in which Eventbrite and Flickr also appear, among others.

Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Blogspot, Amazon, WordPress and options that use SSL, and also repaired the fault.

There is no evidence that any hacker has realized OpenSSL weakness of this system, while a hacker could have accessed information without trace, according to experts.

From the safety net Tor Project, affected by the error of software, it is warned that the failure was so alarming that advised people who “need high anonymity and privacy on the Internet” that kept “away from the Internet entirely over the next days until things calm down. “

10 Free software solutions for entrepreneurs

If your budget is limited, but want to make it big, do not hesitate to check these 10 software solutions for business entrepreneurs.

10 Free software solutions for business entrepreneurs

Photograph of Rupert Ganzer

When we start a business we know that the costs become enormous and, in most cases, ended up putting our own money without seeing any profit during the first months. Although there are costs that can not miss, such as income, payment for expert SEO services or purchase of goods, there are some others that we avoid using tools that allow us to use them for free. .

And is that today we can no longer afford to start a business without using any technological tool because we run the risk of disappearing . For example, many small businesses do not even have a definite establishment, are growing thanks to the potential found in social networks;others, however small they may be, they have fully functional accounting programs that help them simplify some routine tasks. Do not forget to check out this interesting post to rescue an old computer and use it in SMEs.

It is therefore essential that you know some software alternatives that willnot cost you a dime and can help you maximize your business.

1. Point of sale: LemonPOS

If you have a business where you offer products or services is very helpful to tell a POS system (commonly called POS “point of sale” or POS “point of sale” ). This type of software facilitates transactions between businesses and customers, increase employee efficiency and automates report generation and other processes.

LemonPOS is an open source software POS that uses MySQL for connection to databases, this type of client / server structure allows, if we have branches of our business or company, we can run the program from there and can connect to the central database of the matrix. It has a very simple and friendly interface that achieves any user can use it .

LemonPOS consists of two applications: Lemon , dedicated exclusively to the sales function, and Squeeze , which is the application you use to manage products (add, delete, change prices, add discounts, etc.) that will be in Lemon. Currently this software is only available for Linux, but it is expected that in the future the Windows version is now available.

2. Finance / Accounting: GnuCash

GnuCash is a financial system that initially was created to provide user support staff, but gradually has become a focused small and medium enterprises ( “SMEs”) solution. It can be installed on Linux, Windows and Mac OSX operating systems, and already has an application in Google Play . GnuCash is excellent for carrying small business accounting , scheduling transactions, generate custom reports, budget management, among others.

3. Billing: Codeka

Codeka is an application to control billing and activities related to store an SME. Among its main features include: management with customers and suppliers, management articles and families or categories, management of receipts and payments, creating barcodes for identifying products and also has a terminal point of sale (POS ).

4. ERP Adempiere

10 free software solutions for business entrepreneurs

Known as ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems, enterprise resource planning are associated with processes involving products and / or services of seo company gold coast such as marketing, accounting, production, inventory, payments, invoicing and distribution systems.

ADempiere is precisely an ERP open source software developed in Spain to provide “Enterprise Resource Planning, Management and Customer Relationship supply chain management” (ERP, CRM and SCM).The features offered ADempiere make it the best candidate to fit the specific needs of users.

5. CRM: SugarCRM

10 free software solutions for business entrepreneurs

The CRM is software for managing the relationship with customers , ie, one that supports the management of relations with customers, sales and marketing. Users who have small businesses strongly recommendSugarCRM because it can help you build stable relationships with your customers and increase your sales. It can be installed on mobile devices, it adapts to your needs and tastes. It is an open source software (though not necessarily free) which offers five types of issues, including a free.

6. Agenda, calendars and task lists

To have organized your activities and use the time, it is useful to have tools like electronic agendas to keep out payment dates, appointments with clients or outstanding finish.

Among the solutions that we offer are applications like Todoist ,Wunderlist or Evernote . The latter lets you find, in one place, links to resources that can help you develop new sales strategies in your business (web pages, tutorials, sketches, purchasing tickets, etc.), also has support for mobile devices .

Todoist and Wunderlist are those applications that we avoid having post-its stuck everywhere. We easily recall the tasks to be performed through notifications and allow to have organized all activities related to your business through modern calendars. None of these applications is open source, but all are excellent and can be used for free without almost any limitation on their characteristics.

7. Marketing and Advertising

10 free software solutions for business entrepreneurs

In addition to tools for managing the activities of the business, it is also useful to have tools that help us develop the corporate image of the company (logo, slogan, etc.) creating ads, flyers, and some other resources to give more seriously the matter.

For creating logos we can use a tool like InkScape , program code open for editing vector graphics , much like Adobe Illustrator. Its interface is very simple, so you can easily create freehand drawings, manipulate objects and make beautiful designs for your products.

Designs created in Inkscape may well be busy to create and distribute flyers in your social networks, to give the personal touch to your Facebook page or insert advertising on the website of your business. For this we use a layout software called Scribus , which has the same features as InDesign, for creating publications with professional touch.

8. Parcels Office

A word processor and a spreadsheet are essential tools in the daily lifeof any business as they serve to create from a sign to major earnings reports. But do not worry, we know how expensive it is to buy a license and limited performance you can have your computer, so we offer the following solutions.

Although the largest within the office software is Microsoft Office, there are other solutions to create documents with the same characteristics; among them are LibreOffice and Open Office , who already have a good time helping us in this task. The new guy between these old is Kingsoft Office , software Chinese origin whose interface is almost identical to Microsoft Office and promises much.

9. Email Management

Among the software options that you can install on your PC to keep in touch with customers and suppliers have email clients like Thunderbirdand Geary . Although you can also choose to look at everything from the web via Gmail or Outlook .

Having an email account that identifies your business or company will allow you to keep in one place everything related to it, without mixing with your personal emails. It also helps to give more presence and formality.

10. Internet Browser

10 free software solutions for business entrepreneurs

Although we are not businessmen, we all have this tool so useful for almost anything. But for a business it is essential to have installed one of the two browsers we recommend below. The main advantage is that they are free and cross-platform, so you can use from your computer or your favorite mobile device.

Firefox is a powerful Internet browser that will help you keep up with your social networks and the web of your business because of their great speed and simplicity . However Google Chrome (or Chromium free alternative) has many more applications and add- ons that can help you take advantage of the navigation to the full. For example, Google Similar Pagescan help you find similar pages to which you are seeing and thus find sites that sell the same products that you and designing sales strategies to make your business the number one in the search results.

Install Flappy Bird on an electronic cigarette, genius or nonsense?

There is out there a group of people with a taste for show what they are capable, who use their curiosity and ability to change elements of an object, or simply transform it into something he was not initially thought.

Such is the case of Balázs Bánk , a YouTube user who has been playing with the small screen of an electronic cigarette systems, to discover that this can easily be modified to the extent to BE ABLE install games so you can enjoy them among vapeos.

Now we will be able to vent our frustration vapear

The port is available for best electronic cigarette in the UK EVIC-VTC Mini , thanks to the ReservedField community created an SDK to modify some elements in this device, and as some users have begun to experience making fun changes surely the manufacturing company of this type of cigarettes would never have imagined.

Balázs bases this port in this SDK, it only created the file Flappy Bird and ready to install . As we will see in the video, the operation is basic and cigarette uses buttons to control the little bird, come on , is not that much need to control this game. Of course the result is very curious, plus it is pretty easy to do, all instructions as well as the necessary files are available on GitHub , and in thedescription of the video.

And if that were not enough, Balázs also has dared to install the famous and classic game of Snake , except that in this case has not yet published the necessary files, so those interested will have to be aware of future updates.

Of course it should be noted that this is an unauthorized modification by the manufacturer , in doing so also guarantee that in case of a fault, the cigarette may become unusable will be lost. Such modifications are borne by the user and is under their responsibility perform them .

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1st Ip Port Scanner is a very useful Ip Scanner and Port Scanner.

1st Ip Port Scanner allows for testing whether a remote computer is alive with three types: ICMP, SYN and UDP and testing whether a TCP port is being listened with two types: CONNECT and SYN.

1st Ip Port Scanner reverse lookup IP address into hostname and read responses from connected TCP Port.

1st Ip Port Scanner allows for testing the UDP port's status based on "ICMP Destination Port Unreachable" message. Because the Linux kernel (in net/ipv4/icmp.h) limits destination unreachable message generation to 80 per 4 seconds, with a 1/4 second penalty if that is exceeded, the speed or the number of ports should be limited in this situation.

1st Ip Port Scanner can obtains all Routers from the local host to the remote host with three types: ICMP, SYN and UDP. We suggest Trace Route and Ping use the same type.


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